Budapest and Hungary


Once one of largest kingdoms in mediaeval Europe and part of Austria-Hungarian Empire, Hungary is a sole exception among central European countries – it has by far largest Jewish community in former Eastern block. Budapest toady is the capital of small landlocked country, but it still keeps a spirit of pre-WWI times, when it was a metropolis of a large kingdom, the seat of Hungarian kings. Despite terrible damage which it suffered during World War II and during 1956 Uprising, it is still a beautiful city with the largest synagogue in Europe and third largest synagogue in the World – Dohany st. synagoge.

General Budapest tour


This tour will take you to most important places in Budapest, the Hungarian royal palace, the cathedral on Buda hill, the famous art-nouveau Andrassy Avenue with the octagon square, the Opera building as well as the Heroes Square with the memorial to the kings and national heroes of Hungary.

Optionally we can also taste the oldest subway in the continental Europe built in 1896, and used by locals until today as a standard means of public transportation.

Budapest Jewish tour


This tour offers insight into the history of Jews in Hungary as well as contemporary Jewish life. You will visit the famous Erzebeth VII district and three synagogues representing three movements in Hungarian Judaism: the Kazyncy str. orthodox synagogue, built in 1913, followed by the Dohanyi street Synagogue representing Hungarian reform, and the Rumbach synagogue belonging to the status quo movement.

Optional visits include one Jewish cemetery either in Buda (Jaakov Koppel Reich) or Pest. You can also visit the neo-renaissance synagogue in Obuda and on selected weekdays the oldest prayer room in Budapest dating back to the twelth century at the Old castle hill of Buda.

Hungarian Countryside


Tours in the Hungarian countryside include places like Satoraljaujhely (איהעל, Ujhel) with the tomb of Yismach Moshe, Bodrogkeresztur (קערעסטיר, Keresztur), Nagykallo (קאליב, Kalev), Mad and many other places according wishes of the clients.

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