Northern Germany




One of three city free-states in Germany and gateway to Northern Sea once hosted an important Jewish Community in Altona, nowadays one of its neighbourhoods. At the Altona cemetery, one next to each other, are buried two important Rabbis representing two different Jewish Philosophies – R. Yaakov Emden and R. Yonathan Eibenschutz. Apart from that, one can feel the atmosphere of a commercial crossroad, one of the biggest seaports in Europe.



Capital of Germany and one of largest European cities is rare example of a city, whose center is constantly under development, partially due to its partition during Cold war period. Today’s Berlin is a vibrant metropolis, full of modern architecture, art and culture. It is home to largest Jewish community and Jewish museum in Germany. It is possible to visit Berlin yeshiva, founded as a part of first attempt to create Jewish neighborhood in former Eastern bloc.



Saxon capital and Elbe metropolis is one of centers of Northern Germany halfway between Prague and Berlin. Although it was almost destroyed at the end of World War II, today’s Dresden is a beautiful city with many reconstructed or newly constructed buildings, the famous Zwinger gallery, the Opera house and the new Dresden synagogue, are examples of modern synagogue architecture in Germany.

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