Prague and the Czech Republic


There are about 1500 registered Jews at Jewish community of Prague now and only about 20 Jewish religious families in Prague. The Jewish population was much higher before the World war II, during which almost 80 000 Bohemian and Moravian Jews perished. Prague is home of the largest Jewish community in the Czech Republic. There are several kosher restaurants (both dairy and meat), bakery and shops. There are also Jewish apartments which provide a kosher breakfast in the morning. The apartments are located in Jewish quarter, near by synagogue and kosher restaurants.


The Jewish Prague Tour


Visit the famous Old-New Synagogue and the other synagogues comprising the Jewish Museum. These display the renowned “Precious Legacy” of Jewish Prague including the well-known Old Jewish Cemetery housing the graves of the Maharal and the Keli Yakar. The meeting point for the regular tour is the junction in front of the Spanish synagogue, and the tour itself takes about 3 hours. The tour can be amended with an optional visit of the Cemetery of the Noda BiYehuda. During the summer season the Jubilee/Jerusalem Synagogue can be visited on the way as well.

The Prague general tour

The general tour of Prague concentrates on the history of the non-Jewish part of Prague, but through the Jewish eyes. You will see the beautiful exteriors of the Prague Castle, houses of the Lesser Town and also a sad story of the Hebrew inscription on the statue of Jesus at the gothic Charles Bridge.


Terezin_synagogueA small Czech fortress town about a one hour drive from Prague. This town was converted into a Ghetto for Jews from many European countries during the Holocaust. You will visit the museum, cemetery and also an example of great courage and high spirit of the Jews despite the hard times – the secret Ghetto synagogue.

This tour takes around 5 hours including pick up from your place of residence within the city of Prague. On selected days of the week the tour may include a visit Ustek/Auscha with its unique classicist synagogue.


One-Day trip from Prague

Trebic and Telcrear-synagogue-interior

Trebic and Telc (both UNESCO heritage sites) are beautiful cities in southern Moravia. The tour includes a visit too the beautiful renaissance town of Telc and the famous Jewish quarter in Trebic, one of few late medieval examples of Jewish settlement well preserved in the central Europe.


kutna_hora_mintKolin and Kutna hora

Kolin and Kutna Hora are old medieval towns in central Bohemia only 40 kilometres from Prague. Kutna Hora (Kuttenberg) is a beautiful, restored and well kept medieval town, once the second most important town in Bohemia after Prague. In Kolin the tour includes a visit to the synagogue and the second oldest Jewish cemetery in the Czech Republic with the tomb of Betzalel ben Yehuda, son of the Maharal of Prague.

Also available is one day trip to Dresden with the possibility of a Theresienstadt tour on the way available on request.

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